Home Builder Financing

We Offer Home Builder Financing Nationwide

We are the top commercial mortgage broker in the home builder financing space, offering highly competitive loan options for home builders across the country. Whether you are looking to build a single spec home or go vertical on an entire subdivision, we will have highly competitive financing options for you.

Program Details

We are able to finance the construction of a single home for as low as $300k, or go as high as $50 million for major construction projects of hundreds of homes.

We are able to structure home builder financing up to as high as 90% LTC, however we are able to go higher if the end value is high enough to support more financing.

The home builder loans we can arrange can be structured as conventional construction loans (for smaller projects or projects that will not be phased) or as revolving credit facilities that allows the developer to draw and pay down debt as homes are built and sold.

All of the facilities we arrange will be interest only, typically with interest carry built into the financing.

We look in every state and city in the United States, no international projects.

While we offer financing for residential properties under these programs, we do not offer any home builder financing for projects that will be owner occupied by the home builder themselves.

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Capital partners

Through our capital partners, we are able to offer financing for every type of home builder project. Anything from a single spec home construction deal all the way to major construction projects for hundreds of single family homes. Our programs allow developers to break away from the strict underwriting guidelines of local banks and achieve higher loan to cost ratios, preserving their equity and allowing them to do more deals. This also mitigates the necessity to raise investors and give away equity in deals, equating to more profit for the developer with less capital outlay.

Buildings in Hong Kong

Types of Home Builder

  • Speculative for sale homes
  • Pre-sold home projects
  • lot development projects
  • For rent communities
  • Master planned communities
  • Town home developments

Choose Clopton Capital

  • Less equity needed
  • Retain more profits
  • Quick feedback and certainty of close
  • Nationwide territory
  • No single borrower loan limits
  • revolving facility availability
  • Highly competitive terms