Fairway partners with middle market real estate sponsors to bring institutional-quality execution to all of the critical non-real estate functions of your business.

This means you can focus on real estate.

Fairway is more than just a capital provider; we are a strategic and integrated partner to your real estate investment business. Our mission is to allow you scale and grow your business with less overhead and greater focus on what you love to do.

Our platform is built specifically for strong real estate sponsors who are great at real estate – acquisitions, underwriting, asset management, value-add execution, leasing, etc. – but who don’t necessarily enjoy or excel at the other important aspects of running a real estate asset-based investment business – structuring and preparing offerings, raising capital, investor relations and reporting, back-office administration, accounting, and tax preparation.

These critical but time-consuming functions are often the most frustrating part of the business for most real estate operators. Our collective suite of services is designed to manage these functional areas so you can focus your time, energy and expertise on real estate. This is the cornerstone of our value proposition.


We define a middle market sponsor as anyone running a business whose primary purpose is to systematically acquire real estate-based assets that requires them to raise capital from investors on an ongoing basis to fund those acquisitions. We are 100% dedicated to providing the critical services that most sponsors dislike but are necessary to grow and scale. Middle market real estate sponsors will generally have the following characteristics:

  • Entrepreneurial passion for real estate and the opportunity to create value for investors
  • Square focus on the middle market space – typically equity checks between $2M -$20M, often $10M or below
  • Desire to limit headcount, people-management responsibilities, and fixed overhead
  • Network of real estate professionals and connections that create consistent access to attractive investment opportunities
  • Expertise and aptitude in origination, underwriting, leasing, construction and property management, and business plan execution
  • Less ability and desire to deal with raising capital, investor relations, accounting/tax, administration, reporting, and hiring and managing people performing those functions
  • A desire and willingness to increase your “institutional readiness” and improve your operations over time to become more and more attractive to capital

“As a middle market real estate entrepreneur myself for almost 30 years, I understand viscerally how hard it is to try to execute on both the real estate and the investor side of the business at the same time. It’s almost impossible for middle market sponsors to build out and execute on 100% of the functions necessary to reach real scale. I’ve now met or spoken to well more than 1,000 middle market sponsors and clients and almost all of them say the same thing – I wish I could just focus on real estate! We’ve built Fairway and Verivest to allow them to do just that.”

Matt Burk

Founder & CEO, Fairway America


Fairway’s and Verivest’s suite of services enables your business to grow and thrive without having to hire and manage multiple expensive specialists.

As your strategic partner, we take care of all of it. This is our core strength and our core value proposition to provide these functions for real estate sponsors.

We will customize the following service offerings to support your business:

Our dedicated capital markets team will work hand-in-hand with you to organize and lead capital raising efforts – either debt or equity or both as needed – across a full range of investors to consistently supply the capital you need to close deals. We work with an established and ever-growing investor network spanning high-net-worth individuals to family offices to institutional investors – across the U.S. and internationally.

For select operating partners, we will consider establishing a Co-GP Fund in partnership with you. The Fund would enable you to have committed capital for pursuit costs, earnest money, and GP co-invest capital for individual deals targeting a specific investment thesis. By partnering your real estate operating expertise with our services platform, we combine to create institutional caliber products for investors.

Our dedicated Investor Relations team will manage all aspects of IR from front to back so you can focus on execution. We handle all onboarding activities including accreditation verification, KYC, AML, IRA custodian coordination, and subscription document execution on the front end. Then we’ll work in cooperation with you to create and provide all quarterly reporting, investor capital account statements, asset level updates, answer investor inquiries, and facilitate ongoing communication as needed between us, you, and our investors. 

Fairway’s leadership team has played the lead advisory and consulting role in the creation of close to 200 real estate-asset based 506 Regulation D funds for sponsors and managers around the United States in the past 8 years. If you are considering launching your own middle market real estate fund, our real-world expertise, experience and insights can help you minimize mistakes and maximize your chances of success.

​Ongoing, regular, and correct investor accounting and timely tax preparation and delivery are rarely the area of strength for most middle market sponsors. Yet consistent and accurate accounting and reporting and timely and reliable K-1 delivery are highly important to engendering confidence and support from investors. Fairway and Verivest remove these functions from the operating sponsor’s list of responsibilities to both increase their ability to focus on the real estate execution and deliver investors the information they need consistently, timely, and reliably.

Becoming “institutional ready” is not easy. Even if you only raise capital from HNW investors, it still pays to sharpen all elements of your real estate investment business. And if you want to obtain institutional capital, it is an absolute must. It is not enough to be good at finding and doing deals, but that is what most real estate people want to spend most of their time doing. We help you with much of the rest and can custom tailor specific services for middle market sponsors depending on where you are in the life cycle of your real estate investment business.

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