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Are you struggling to find the right investment opportunity?


Don’t know who to trust when it comes to vetting deals?


Need help deciding between a good deal and a foolish one?

Every investor—both experienced and novice–faces these same challenges and trepidations with each commercial opportunity that they’re presented.

So it pays to be cynical at best, paranoid at worst when evaluating deals.

And that’s the exact stance we take at CN Capital Group when it comes to analyzing and assessing properties, operators, markets, capital placement, capital formation, exposure, risk, valuation, and exit strategy.


Do You Know What Questions To Ask?

Vetting and sourcing deals is an art. And most investors flounder trying to figure out if what they have is an investment or a costly speculation. And 96% of the time, it’s the latter.

In fact, most investors wind up getting fleeced because they let emotions get the best of them or speed-date through the due diligence process.

And that’s NOT the position you want to be in.

Having an experienced professional in your corner who knows the right questions to ask…the HARD questions to ask…Can save you the hassle, headache, and heartache of being taken to the cleaners due to a poor or uninformed investment decision.

Having someone who knows how to structure deals, analyze markets, create debt and equity positions, and valuate assets is critical to your wealth-building portfolio.

Your Consulting Specialists

Our mission is to make certain you get all the information, data, metrics, and pin-point laser analysis you need to make sound and confident investment decisions.

Depending on your needs and situation, this includes…

Deal Analysis

Capital Introduction

Property Analysis

Specialized Opportunities

Strategic Planning

Exit Strategies & Divestitures

Asset Buy & Sell Strategies

Asset Acquisition

Asset Arbitrage

Pitchbook Creation

Distressed Asset Disposition

Debt and Equity Product Placement

Due Diligence: Fairness Opinion

Portfolio Review

Marketing Collateral Creation

Asset Valuation

Cash Flow

Development Feasibility & Analysis

Transactional Structure

Market Research

Risk Management

Operational Management

No matter what your specific needs, you’ll get the expert guidance you deserve to make all of your buy, hold, sell, and investing decisions so that you minimize risk, reduce exposure, and optimize returns.

Our Clients

Whether you’re just getting started investing in real estate or have years of experience, you’ll find yourself right at home in the company of our other clients.

We provide advisory services for:


Intermediaries: Brokers


Business owners


Placement Agents




Real Estate Fund Managers


Owner Operators


Hedge Funds


Institutional Investors




Single & Multifamily Offices


Retail Investors


Pension Funds






High Net Worth Investors


Making the RIGHT Decision

This is not about us. This is about YOU making the right decision when it comes to your real estate investing choices.

There’s no doubt that there’s a lot of opportunity out there. Money is constantly chasing deals, and deals are constantly looking for funding.

Our team here at CN Capital Group is positioned to bring institutional insight and experience to all of your investment decisions…where risk is structured AWAY from our investors and clients.

We understand each opportunity is unique, with its own set of circumstances and time sensitivities and constraints. Our core skillset enables us to deliver a customized, structured solution to your needs.


Premier Capital Formation Services

For clients and sponsors seeking to raise or syndicate debt or equity to purchase or control real estate assets, CN Capital Group provides customized capital solutions for clients looking to differentiate themselves in an increasingly crowded market.

Many of our commercial operators look to our firm as a trusted counterparty that structures and executes a variety of transactions across the entire capital structure.

Our team is comprised of investment professionals–many of whom have spent decades in the financial industry–with the business expertise and capital market knowledge required to close and execute complex transactions and be a first mover in new markets and sectors..

Our consultants and advisors work with you using a specific structured process designed to produce a tailored long-term strategy based on your profile and needs

5 Step Capital Formation Advisory Process

Here’s how it works…

Step 1: Sponsor’s Needs Assessment

Detail of sponsor’s current business model and capital structure and an understanding of the sponsor’s goal.

Step 2: Financial product conceptualization

Develop a customized structured financial product focused on the sponsor’s market, transactional niche (fund structure, joint venture structure), deal sourcing, and current management operations.

Step 3: Marketing and Capital Formation

Identification of meaningful and qualified institutional or retail investors.

Step 4: Execution and Closing

Prepare the appropriate agreements, submit to escrow, fund, and close.

Step 5: Post-Close Monitoring and Next-Round Preparation

Identification of investors for subsequent rounds of capital raises, if required.


We recognize that you may have other advisors with whom you would like us to coordinate. We seamlessly integrate with the tax counsels, accountants and other advisory professionals who work with our clients.

Our Team

CN Capital Group prides itself on providing unmatched commercial real estate advisory services and guidance.

Our goal is to ensure you have all the tools, information, and data you need to make sound investment decisions.

archetypal-male-fa_3249635c-295x300Chris Nassief – Managing Director

Chris founded CN Capital Group in 1997 with an eye on helping retail, institutional, and family office investors make sound real estate investment choices. Chris has spent 20 years as the president of CN Capital Group. He’s been an active real estate investor for himself and his clients for as many years.

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